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Springfield Pool Update

Work has continued on the Corsham Community Campus over the past 2 months and this is now advanced to the front carpark and the changing rooms at what used to be the entrance to the Springfield Centre.

At the AGM in November Penny Bell, Community Engagement Officer, took questions which are minuted here. A summary was

The Campus has now been open since August 2014 though some leisure facilities including the pool remain closed.

The current expected date for reopening the pool is early summer 2015

Additional work has now been identified regarding refurbishment of existing facilities. This had not been planned and will be put to tender for a new contractor which is causing the delay to the reopening of the pool.

The new refurbishment work will include an all-new health suite, wet side changing rooms, exercise rooms (Club Room), pool retiling/grouting and redecoration, corridor refurbishment.

Dates are approximate at this stage.

I keep in regular contact with the County Council and the update email I received this morning states that the pool reopening is still scheduled at the expected date, i.e. June 2015. To quote Penny Bell on selection of the new contractors

"... they are at the PQQ stage and the contractors will be assessed and selected over the coming weeks. This doesn’t, however, have any effect on the overall build timescales and the campus/swimming pool is due to be completed this summer (June)."

(The PQQ was an invitation for local building companies to register an interest in bidding for the new work.)

Therefore we are still expecting to return in June and will certainly be holding some special celebratory events when we do. As soon as I have any further details I will post them and pass them on to everyone.

Aquae Sulis Development Camp - February 2015

 The application form and full information is included in the attached documents, The deadline is January 30th 2015 and please contact Julia Chadwick ( or Dave Jones ( for any queries.

Sprints Gala Results

The full set of results from the single length gala held in December is attached below.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to Everyone !

Before Christmas we had suggested that the Stonar Sunday Width & TAGS sessions move to be in Calne on Sunday evenings.  However, following feedback we have decided to keep the current sessions in Stonar, as the new sessions were thought by many parents to be too late in the evening.  In addition we will also be running a Widths and TAGS session at Calne, to accommodate those for whom Calne is a better option. 

Swimming at Stonar starts again on Sunday 11th January.  The session groups and times remain as before:

17.00 - Widths

17.30 - Widths

18.00 - TAGS

18.30 - TAGS

Swimming at Calne starts again on Sunday 4th January.  If you would like to trial the new Width or TAGS sessions at Calne it will be free trial on 4th Jan.

18.00 - Widths
18.30-19.30 TAGS and Juniors

19.30-21.00 Senior Squad

Please note the revised timings for the Juniors and Seniors in Calne on Sundays; the additional pool time means we have been able to increase the sessions for each group accordingly.

We hope that by maintaining the Stonar sessions, and adding new sessions in Calne that we are accommodating as many of our swimmers as possible.

 Kind regards,


Kat Redman

Membership Secretary 

Colerne Training Cancelled - Tuesday 9th December

Colerne Base are holding a Xmas Party tomorrow and have been unable to confirm if the gym/pool will be open. Therefore this training session has been cancelled for all swimmers.

Christmas Break

The last training sessions this year before we break for the holidays are:

·Colerne - Tuesday 9th December
·Olympiad - Friday 12th December
·Stonar - Sunday 14th December
·Calne - Sunday 14th December


We will resume in 2015 on the following dates:

·Calne - Sunday 4th January
·Colerne - Tuesday 6th January
·Olympiad - Friday 9th January
·Stonar - Sunday 11th January (School is closed on 4th January)



2014 Club Championship Results

The Club Championships times and results from the weekend and the long distance events are attached below. I look forward to seeing many of the fantastic swimmers receive their medals and trophies tomorrow night!

No Swimming Friday 28th November

Friday 28th is Party Night with the presentations for the Sprints and Championships. Therefore the Friday training session at the Olympiad has been cancelled.

Training on Sunday 23rd November

Please note that teaching at Stonar will take place as usual but the session at Calne is cancelled due to the Club Championships taking place in the afternoon.

2014 Annual General Meeting

Please find attached the minutes from the recent 2014 AGM held on November 13th.

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